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The Full Story

STORY.PR® is a full-service boutique creative brand agency founded by Ashley Ann Beaulac in 2012. We specialize in Beauty, Design and Architecture, Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Real Estate and Travel and Tourism.

STORY.PR® is fueled by passion as we craft new engaging narratives designed to place brands at the centre of their story. We forge connections that capture the energy and emotion of your brand through authentic storytelling. These connections empower brands to 'own their story'


Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, break into a market, or build brand awareness, we are here to help you. With our market knowledge, extensive experience and modern communication skills, we’ll create a strategy that will deliver results.


At the heart of what we do lies the art of a carefully curated story. A great story sparks the personal connection that turns your audience into ambassadors of your brand. We pride ourselves on digging deep to find that perfect narrative through insightful research to shape ownable stories that engage across all communications.


STORY.PR® is a full-service boutique creative brand agency that focuses on the following industries:

  • Beauty

  • Design and Architecture

  • Health and Wellness

  • Lifestyle

  • Real Estate

  • Travel and Tourism

We stay focused on our area of expertise and are passionate about these industries. You'll see all that passion when you meet with us!


Why do we specialize and not generalize? This allows us to create tailored and innovative strategies that bring brands to life through newsworthy stories using inventive media and influencer campaigns.

We prefer to establish authority in certain industries!

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A tool that constantly evolves with differing audiences, we keep our clients on-message with custom curated content and paid cross-channel social strategies, continued community engagement and powerful analytics. We energize your audience. We create stunning channels to build authentic audiences to drive leads and awareness.


It's all about your digital brand and a large part of that is your web presence. What does your website say about your story? STORY.PR® prides itself on delivering visually stunning and highly functional websites customized for your product or service. Whether you need a fresh new website or an upgrade we deliver.

We create brand visuals and messaging that build on the story of your brand, delivered in a comprehensive base package including logo design, colour palette, brand textures, business card design, social media templates and more!


Our expertise is rooted in traditional public and media relations allowing us to deliver amazing public relations campaigns getting you earned media coverage.

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