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STORY.PR is Finally Online...Whew!

Updated: Jun 17

I've worked independently throughout my many years within the public relations and communications sector. For me, working for myself and getting to select a client that I adored was a win-win. My first client came from the Beauty industry, to which I have many connections that have grown organically over the years. Now, as I type my first blog post I think about all the exceptional people I will have the chance to meet.

From strategy sessions to finessing a brand's position statement, refreshing a stale website, reframing conversations on social media, or kick starting a product launch event, I'm ready. With over 20 years, several awards, designations, speaking and teaching opportunities and decades of industry expertise and life experience across so many different sectors (entertainment, corporate, municipal, public healthcare, technology, to name a few) I am ready.

Staying true to myself, my core, my passion, STORY.PR will focus on Beauty, Health and Wellness, Design and Architecture, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Travel and Tourism. This will allow us to create tailored and innovative strategies that bring brands to life utilizing storytelling as a way to market your brand/product with a real, genuine approach. Gone are the the days of traditional public relations. Here we are in the digital world with a captive audience thirsty for a good story.

Alas, whether you desire a bit of the spotlight and want to be recognized for your years of hard work, or you want to attract more of your ideal clients, STORY.PR is here to help you own your story...and to start telling it. Let us brag about you, so you don't have to.

Own your story,

Ashley Ann Beaulac Founder & CEO STORY.PR®

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